Dealing With Devils – Part 2

Pulling up in the small lot out behind the little historical society building, William O’Halloran took his phone out of his pocket. Flipping it open, he checked the small screen once more. No messages yet. Hopefully, Matt was just busy. Tucking the phone back into his pocket, he stepped down from the cab of his pick-up truck and dropped his keys into his jacket pocket. As he approached the building, he could hear quiet chatter and he smiled.
“-other questions?”
The young woman with her brightly red hair pulled up into a neat bun under her bonnet smiled at the students dismissing them back to their teachers when they had no questions. She was cheerfully telling them that they could always come by and find her here if they had any questions when she spotted him leaning casually against the wall and grinned. As soon as they were gone to the shade and the picnic tables in the back, she tugged off the bonnet and came over to see him, brushing off the front of the apron she wore over her pale green dress.
“I thought you said you weren’t coming by the town anymore, Granda. You and Mom both said it was too dangerous.”
There was concern in her voice and in her hazel eyes. He looked the scant few inches down at this woman who looked like she was nearly his age now and smiled.
“It is, Mattie, but I had to talk to…a business associate of mine. And, I’ve made a deal.”
“Another one?” She crossed her arms over her chest, frowning now. “But-”
“Don’t worry, lass. This one…well, I’ll tell you in the truck. But I need your help. Can you take some time from work?”
She glanced back at the building and then looked at him as though he was a puzzle she was trying to solve.
“Granda…I can’t just…I’m supposed to give notice. What’s this about?”
“Call it a family emergency, Matt. I’m serious. I talked to her and she said she’d…” he paused, searching for the right words. “That she’d be willing to negotiate the original terms if I do this for her.”
That caught her.
“I could have it back. For honest truth.”
She rubbed her temples.
“I’ll talk to Judy, but if she says no…”
“Then I’ll find someone else. Just try, alright?”
She hugged him quickly and turned back towards the building.
“I will, Granda, I promise.”


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