The Chosen One

“You…aren’t exactly what we expected.”
The diminutive Faerie bounced nervously from one foot to the other, gazing up at the woman standing before him. She was a withered old apple of a woman, but with a smile that lit up her face like the sun and made her decades younger. She wore simple enough clothing, just a pair of pants and a shirt with a light jacket over it. She carried a large purse though, with a pair of knitting needles protruding from the top. She reached into the cavernous bag and held out a small sweet wrapped like a spring berry.
“Would you like a bit of candy, dear? Now, what were you expecting? I’m the one who got your letter.”
Other Fae creatures appeared out of the brush, quietly conferring with their emissary. Then he spoke again.
“If you truly received the letter and the door…then we cannot deny that you are the chosen one who can save us.”
He accepted the candy from her with a quiet dignity and sat to unwrap it. Behind the old woman, a much younger woman fidgeted nervously.
“Excuse me, but, Mrs.Ramsey? It’s time to take your medicine.”
The young woman wore scrubs with kittens on them, a pair of sensible white sneakers and carried a small bag under one arm. Her curly black hair was pulled back with a headband, though wisps of it fell to frame her tanned and playful face. The badge she wore on a lanyard had her picture and simply read Gabriella Alvarez.
“What was that? Oh yes, of course. Thank you, Gabby.”
With a skill born of long practice, Gabby counted out the correct pills and held them out to Mrs. Ramsey, along with a bottle of water. The Fae waited patiently, marveling at this strange mortal exercise. As soon as it was done and Mrs. Ramsey had handed the bottle back to her waiting nurse, they spoke again.
“You must come, our King has need to speak with you.”
“Yes, of course.” Mrs. Ramsey adjusted her sweater. “Let’s get a move on then. I wouldn’t want to keep a king waiting.”

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