Dealing With Devils – Part 3

A week before, and Matilda O’Halloran, called Matt by most of her friends and Mattie by family, would have told you that the strangest thing that ever happened in her life was finding out that Granda Liam was actually more like her great-great-great-great-great-grandfather despite looking like he was younger than her mother. Now, she was working on packing up a duffel bag to go on a road trip with him to hunt a soul that had escaped from Hell. She heard heels clicking on the wood floors of the apartment and looked up.
Ashley stood in the doorway of their bedroom, eyes huge and worry etched on her face. Mattie finished folding a shirt and tucked it into her bag.
“Ash! You’re home early. I was going to stop by the shop to see you before I left and…” She paused then, realizing what the look on her long-time girlfriend’s face was. “Ash, it’s okay. I’m not leaving. I promise. Family stuff came up and I have to go on a trip for a…while. But I’ll be home after.”
Ashley looked uncertain for a moment and then moved quickly to come and hug Mattie tightly.
“Everyone was saying you were leaving town with some…some guy and…”
Mattie kissed her gently.
“Ash, he’s my cousin.” She fell back onto the old family lies so easily, even now. “You remember my Granda? The one who writes all the time?”
“Yeah, I remember.”
“He needs some help so we’re going out to see what we can do. I’m…not sure how long I’ll be gone.”
“You’d better call.”
“I will, I will.” Mattie was laughing now as Ashley looked at her, mock stern. “I love you, Ash. Maybe I’ll bring you back something fun.”
“Mattie, love, you’d better not. I still haven’t figured out what to do with the pile of musket bullets you brought me last time.”
“Musket balls.” She corrected automatically. “Well, maybe I’ll find something that’s your kind of fun.”
“Maybe.” Ashley looked at the pile of things on the bed. “Here, I’ll help you pack. Are you taking your laptop?”
“Just a tablet, I think. Travel light and all that. Liam’s got a truck, so we don’t have a ton of room.”


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