We’ll Be Alright

I turned slowly towards her voice. She looked so small, so scared and alone, almost like she was looking at a ghost. Slowly, I pulled myself up. It was probably the accident that had scared her. I couldn’t blame her in the slightest.
“It’s alright, Kat. Promise. We’re both alright.”
I didn’t look at the car, just at her. I could hear the sirens coming now, and smiled with relief.
“Hear that? They’re coming to help. It’ll be fine.”
Then I realized she wasn’t looking at me, just staring at the burning wreck of the car. Taking a few steps towards her, I raised a hand.
There was blood on her cheeks, on her hands, on her shirt.
My voice pitched up, fear overtaking me. She had to be alright. Kat had to be alright. She took a step towards the car and then dropped to her knees, head in hands sobbing. The sirens were getting closer and closer. I wished they would get here soon. Maybe they could do something for her.
“Fred…” Her voice was so quiet and her tone ragged. “Freddy…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
I moved to go put my arm around her, to tell her everything was going to be alright. But then there were people there, bustling about fighting the fire, checking Kat’s injuries and controlling the traffic. I don’t know when they got there.
“Miss, were you alone?”
“N-no,” she looked past the medic in front of her at the smoking car. “My…my fiance. We…we were going to get-”
A hand rested on my shoulder and I turned to look at the woman in her crisp state trooper uniform.
“Fred, I need you to listen to me. The light, do you see it?”
Confused, I looked her over. She was about my height and built along lean lines. There was an emotion on her face that I couldn’t read behind those reflective sunglasses, but I just felt like I could trust her like she knew what was best.
“The light, Fred. You need to go. Kat is fine, you got her out and she’s going to be alright. But you need to go now.”
I couldn’t read the name on her uniform. My eyes just kept sliding off of it. Then I saw something behind her shimmering in the air.
“I see it.”
She took my hand in hers, turning to see where I looked.
“Let’s go. And for what it’s worth, Freddy, she’ll miss you, but she’ll be alright in the end. And there’re folks on the other side who can’t wait to see you.”
As I followed her, I could hear Kat explaining something, but as the sound of joyous barking reached my ears, I knew I was going to be alright too.


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