Only Squirrels

A golden wolf stood in the grass, sides heaving as she breathed heavily. Phyllis walked slowly towards her, trying her best to move quietly as she waited for the sun to rise. The first rays of light were just hitting the young wolf now and Phyllis sighed with relief as the fur slowly faded, leaving behind a girl her own age.
The young blonde turned, eyes large in her round face. There was a rip in the front of her dress from her hips all the way down to expose the slip underneath. Her cheeks were tear-streaked and her lower lip trembled even now.
“I…I don’t…I didn’t…”
The sleeves of her dress were gone, torn clean off at some point. How the majority of the dress had survived the night, no one would ever know. Phyllis stepped forward, hands shaking.
“Are you alright, Patty?”
“I’m scared.”
There was blood on her teeth, on her lips, on her hands.
“Phyllis, what happened?”
The tears were flowing again and her voice quavered as much as her hands shook.
“Did I… Did I hurt someone?”
Phyllis wrapped her arms around Patty, ignoring the blood and the dirt.
“It was only squirrels, Pat. Don’t you worry a bit.”
Phyllis turned Patty away, towards her old Dodge D-5, pointedly ignoring the bloody football jersey. Patty didn’t need that. Especially not right now.
“I promise, sugar. You didn’t do a thing you gotta worry about.”


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