Walking Out

“It’s been real swell, Marco, but I gotta bounce. I got a real sweet thing waiting for me tonight.”
Marco rolled his eyes as Kevin set his paper hat on the shelf and untied his apron.
“Only girl waiting for you is your old lady.”
“Lies I tell you, nothing but lies.” Kevin clutched dramatically at his chest. Then he laughed. “Didn’t I tell you? I’m walking out with Lana.”
Marco nearly fumbled the glass he was washing.
“You…what? Since when?”
He tried to sound excited, like a friend should. Not jealous. Anything but jealous.
“I asked her last week.”
Kevin had such a real smile on his face that it hurt.
“Well, she’s lucky she’s got you, Kev.”
Marco watched as Kevin laughed, watched the way the lights of the shop gilded his skin and traced his jawline. He almost wished he could reach out and trace those same lines with his fingers. But no.
“You know, Marco, she’s got a friend who’d probably go with you, if you wanted.”
“No thanks. You… You just go show her a real good time, alright?”
Kevin grabbed his jacket and cap.
“I sure will. Tell you all about it tomorrow.”
Marco’s shoulders slumped the moment his friend was out of sight and tried to focus on finishing up the washing. He wiped his eyes.
“Stupid steam…”


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