The Facility

“As you can see, Ladies and Gentlemen, our students are housed quite humanely.”
The woman giving the site tour was friendly and efficient, and quite eager to show off the excellent qualities of the facility. She wore a blouse and a pencil skirt, both plain and neat. Her hair was bobbed and held out of her eyes with a headband. All in all, she was the very image of organization. One of the women in the tour group paused, looking through the small window in the steel door at one of the students.
“And this is quite secure?”
“Very. We’ve had it tested by experts.” The guide smiled cheerfully and beckoned. “If you would be so kind as to follow me, I’d like to show you our outdoor facilities. We like to ensure that our students get a healthy amount of sunlight and fresh air.”
The small group went outside, but the woman who had looked lingered by that door. She could see the child within. He was small, so very small. He sat on the small bed and read a picture book. There was no mistaking it, though. He was one of the students. He wore the bright blue jumpsuit they all wore as their uniform.
“Ma’am, please try to keep up with the group. We wouldn’t want you to get separated.”
She gave her head a little shake and walked briskly to catch up.
“Of course, I’m terribly sorry.”
But she glanced back over her shoulder to look at that door again.
“If you’re interested, Ma’am, I’m sure we could set up a visitation for you. The students are a bit excitable, but quite manageable if you were considering acquiring one. The up-to-date medical records on each are available in the administration building.”
She nodded, memorizing the room number. She would see someone about that small boy. And perhaps she would take him home with her. If things didn’t work out, she could always bring him back. They didn’t like it, but the facility would always take students back if their placements didn’t work.


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