The Stolen Child’s Verse

They sang of an island
in the midst of a bonny lake
with herons and berries
and reddest stolen cherries

And they came to me
where I sat to play
while brown mice ran about
in my parent’s cottage home

Papa in his smithy
and Mama at her stove
when Faerie folk came to play
and promised wonder and joy

They told me of the human world
and how its full of sorrow
But that with them I could live forever
And play in the sun all day

They promise Mama won’t miss me
and Papa won’t weep
They say their home is full of toys
and other little boys

Come away, o human child
that is their call
and I wonder at their message
And the sorrow of the world

And so I chose to go
and forsake my human home
Leave behind Mama and Papa both
With a Faerie hand in hand

A bonny lad of three am I
and forever will I be
To play in sunlit woods
and heather filled dales

Centuries gone are my family
But I remember them not
Save the tang of iron in Papa’s forge
and the smell of soup on Mama’s stove


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