The Quest

The princess nodded to her brother as she pulled his chainmail on over the padded gambeson she wore.
“You just need to keep them distracted for a few hours. That should be long enough.”
He looked nervously at his twin and then nodded. Then he stepped up to help her don the rest of the armor that would mask her identity and protect her.
“Don’t forget my surcoat, Lena.”
Her eyes were distant, her mouth moving silently in the words of the prophecy that had led them to this road. She shook her head a little at his words.
“Of course. Can you help me into it, Henry?”

Hours later, the palace cheered and saluted as the young Prince Henry took to the road with a band of knights. They were bound for the distant mountains where there dwelled an ancient creature that had been stealing down into the valleys at night to make off with the children of the villagers that dwelled there. If anyone wondered why the Prince didn’t remove his helmet or why his twin sister wasn’t there to see him off, they said nothing.


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