The Quest II

Smoke lay heavily over the valley. That was what stopped the advancing twin columns of knights. At the head of the train, the rider on the right stared up into the mountains and sighed. When she reached up to remove her helmet, the man riding beside her turned towards her.
“What do you propose, your highness?”
She gestured broadly at the smoke hanging over their heads.
“It fits the prophecy, but we still need to find the creature’s lair.” She looked to her advisor. “I think, though, that the men need a rest.”
Sir Roderick nodded and raised a hand to draw the attention of the rest of the riders behind them. Then he looked at Princess Lena.
“I’ll see to the preparations, your highness. Will you send word home that we’ve made it this far?”
She looked to the boxes of pigeons and smiled.
“Henry deserves that much.”


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