Midwinter’s Night

The moon rode high in a midnight sky
Spreading light on the country below
The forest floor was covered in white
As the cold winter breeze touched one and all
Throughout the countryside were animals
And they all sat up late to wait out the night

Up in the trees and in burrows below
In their winter coats of glistening white
Midwinter’s eve is a time for them all
The time when the gift of gab is given animals
Just for a moment on Midwinter’s night
For one short moment as the moon crests the sky

As the moon’s jolly face all pale and white
Shines down on the forest folk, one and all
One small boy is watching the animals
One small boy creeping about on cold, dark night
He heard the stories about what lies under a Midwinter sky
And the speech of all the animals above and below

He came forth to listen and to hear them all
For few have heard the speech of the animals
And he sat shivering, hiding in the night
And the moon climbed high, over the crest of the sky
The beasts above and the beasts below
Came out of their burrows and nests, all coated in white

They formed a large circle made only of animals
And raised their muzzles to the night
And their voices rose up to the Midwinter sky
The boy leaned against the tree that he sat below
And he watched the silhouettes on the ground so white
As each spoke aloud their prayers, hopes, and dreams for all

On Midwinter’s Eve for an hour of the night
As the moon crests the roof of the sky
And casts its haunting shadows on the world below
And the world is bathed in a coating of white
A single boy watched and wondered at it all
And listened to the secret hopes and fears of the animals

As the night brightened from the light below
The sky was no longer filled with the voices of all
Of the animals as their gift faded into the snow bright white


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