Fleeting Friends Upon the Wall

The shadows were hovering,
The lights burning dim,
Over an eerie façade which once was a house.
High upon a hill, a fence all around.
None ever enter.
None ever leave.

And so I went alone in darkness,
Up the hill toward the manse.
Past the jungles of overgrown bushes,
Through the gate whose scream reached out,
Like a banshee or spirit from beyond the grave,
To rend the very soul.

I crept up the path, fearing every sound,
To the door wrought of iron and wood.
The door swung open,
Creaking on hinges unused.
They cried out with the effort,
So long had it been since last any folk did enter here.

Up the stairs that framed the hall
To a hallway that ran for the ages
A door hung open
A light shone within
Yearning for company in its candle’s dance.

Inside I stepped to watch the light dance,
Casting fleeting friends upon the wall.
I stood and watched as all around me
Transient folk passed me in costumes of mist.
They formed a stately procession
Into a ballroom where played music of the fey.

Together danced the transient folk,
Trying to lure me in.
With darkling smiles adorning their fearsome faces,
They closed their ranks around my mortal frame
And into a corner I was forced,
Mist closing all around.

Certain faces passed me
Eyes ablaze with light
Darkness closing all around
Transient forms grew solid
Claws pulling me under
To drown in that shadowed mist

I scream aloud the first thing that came to mind
I called for light, for dawn, for flame
To end this passing nightmare.
To deliver me from the darkness
Lend me the strength to get out
And to find my way home

Light licked my cheek as I awoke.
I was there lying on the floor
I felt battered and my clothes were ripped
But I was alone
The ballroom all around me,
With no signs of the folk who had gathered here the night before.

I stood and turned to go
And erase this place from my mind.
As I returned to a world I could call my own,
To the world of light and humans
A light danced in a room where the door hung open
Casting fleeting friends upon the wall.


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