A Spanner in the Gardens – Part 2

Dorothea leaned in to look at one of his schematics and frowned slightly. Evandrus was paying her no mind as he worked on a different project.
“M’Lord Evandrus, could you please explain to be the precise function of this design?”
He looked up, his frown deepening.
“Is the schematic not labeled?”
Her eyes skimmed the neat writing that adorned the bottom of the page.
“It…is. But I’ve a few questions.”
He set his current project down and strode over, vexation clear in every line of his body.
“Really, this is a fairly simple schematic and if you can’t understand this, I’m not sure that this is going to-“
She cut him off, voice sharp.
“Where is your power source?”
She gestured at the schematic broadly.
“Please point out any manner of powering this device, because I am not seeing it.”
For a moment, he looked over the design with a smug expression on his face, clearly confident he was going to point out precisely where it was and show her up for once. But after a few minutes, it was clear he was realizing she was correct in her assessment of the design. His discomfort grew for a long moment, then he turned to look up at her contritely.
“Would you…show me where you would attach one?”

She was a distraction of a sort he’d never encountered before. Never in his life had Evandrus found anything that could entice him more than the pursuit of science, but there was something about this fiery mechanic that drew him. She was clever and intelligent, forcing him to rethink many of the things he thought he understood when she cut straight through the problems he faced in his workshop. He had a small automaton on his desk and she was leaning over his shoulder, pointing out the things he’d missed initially gearing the poor creation. He could feel her warmth against his back and something in him was stirring in response. It was like something deep in his gut fluttering and growing warm. The young lord wasn’t sure he appreciated these new feelings.
“Have you been paying even the slightest attention, M’Lord Evandrus?”
He looked up, palpably aware of the blush mantling his cheeks.
“I apologize. I was thinking of something. And Dorothea, you might as well call me Evandrus while we’re at work. It’s a great deal simpler, don’t you think?”
She smiled just a bit and leaned in closer to show him once again. He felt that warmth again. She’d smiled for him.

Part 1: here

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