“Pick one.”
I can’t choose. I only have their words. I’ve never seen their faces, their lives, their families. How I can I choose without knowing them? There could have been reasons for their actions. They could be poor, hungry, alone. What if they have mouths to feed? What if they don’t have a home?
“You have to pick one.”
I don’t want to choose. They both have reasons. They must. No one does anything without a reason. To do otherwise…No…Don’t make me choose. Please, I want to see the whole situation. Don’t leave me in the dark. This needs the light of day so I can see.
No! What part of ‘no’ are you not understanding? What if they have children? What if they are children? I can’t do this, I can’t pick. Please, give me sight and let them see. I long to be brought of the darkness.
“You can’t see them, listen to their words and choose.”
I long to say no, to refuse, to fight it. But I know I can’t. I have a job to do, one that only I can perform.
“The defendant is guilty as charged.”
My voice is strong and clear, showing no sign of my inner turmoil. I’ve done my job, fulfilled my obligations. Blind, I see clearest…even if I don’t want to.


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