Australia Means I Love You

She slammed the enter key and thrust her fist in the air in silent victory. There it was, everything coming into place. She could watch the funds trickling into the off-shore account. Soon…soon.
“Nope, I won’t fall into the tropes, not even in my internal monologues.”
She signed off then, watching as her computer disconnected from the various proxies and then she closed the laptop and put it back into her bag. Back to being mild mannered. A quick glance at her watch showed it was almost time to meet up with Eli anyway. Maybe she would have some time to jack an atm on the way there.

General Justice flew through the sky, wondering how best to handle his nemesis. Cybermaster was elusive and made sure to never be seen. How do you even stop a villain who you’ve never seen? His watch beeped and he glanced at it. Oh! Date time!

Eli ran into the restaurant, hoping he wasn’t too late. There she was, sitting in the corner looking at her phone. He dropped into the seat with a smile.
“Hey Lyds, sorry I kept you. Did you order?”
“Just drinks and I got you a coke.”
“Thanks, love.”
They fell right into their usual patterns comfortably, talking idly about work and family and things like that. She was a freelance website developer, he was a cop. At least, that was what he told her. It was easier that way. At least for now. Someday, he’d have to explain who he really was. His adoptive parents knew though and knew what she thought, so at least that was working out.
Eli, I wanted to talk to you about something. It’s important and…well…I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you.”
“Lyds, is something wrong?”
His nerves were getting the better of him again, and he knew it. Images flashed through his mind of the other women who had said ‘I want to talk’ and then he’d never seen them again. Had he been too distant? Had he spent too much time working?
“I’m not really a web-developer. Well, I mean…I am, but I do more than that.”
“No?” That threw him almost as completely as the Securibot he’d had to fight the week before. “You’re not?”

“We’re interrupting your regularly scheduled programming for this important bulletin. Ladies and gentlemen of Justice City, the entire country of Australia has just been bought by none other than The Cybermaster!”
The news anchor couldn’t have picked a worse time to interrupt. Lydia ground her teeth and then forced herself to smile, looking up at her long-time boyfriend. She tried to read him as he stared at the tv up there on the wall. His expression was distant, one might even say resolved.
“I…I think I need to go.”
She looked down, not sure how to take that.
“But…oh. Right…they’ll want you at the station, won’t they?”
“Oh, yeah. Definitely.”
For a moment, he didn’t sound like he was telling the truth. His words just a bit too staggered. No, it had to be shock.
“Well, if they let you off, you should come by my place tonight, okay?”
“Uh…yeah, if I can.”
He stood then and she followed suit, giving him a quick kiss before he headed out the door. With a smile, she glanced down at her phone. She would just have to break it to him slowly then. Perhaps they could start with a vacation?


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