Look at the stars, little one and imagine,
an endless cloud, whirling and swirling.
Now imagine you’re flying out there
and you’re in an endless sea
of bright, dancing lights.
Can you hear it?
Listen and try, little one.
The click      click       click of trillions of years
of cosmic background radiation.
It’s calling you, and me and everyone,
to come out and explore.
The zero one zero one zero one
of a pulsar calls to us in the night
Have you seen a black hole dance with a star?
We will, little one, just hold tight.
See them swirling together
and whirling like fruit in a blender.
I’ll take you to the birthplace of a star
to watch the cosmic dusts and gases
as they merge together and then burst into flame.
See all the leftover debris, little one?
Those will someday be planets and asteroids
and in a hundred, thousand years
maybe just maybe we can come back and see.
See the new little organisms as they swim in a primal sea.
So as we stand here on a hillock
and we gaze up past the clouds
remember what I’ve told you, little one
and look up at the stars and imagine.


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