To Rule

Whenever a kingdom needs a hero, it seems like they always find a farm boy with hopes in his eyes and dreams in his head. We’re fresh out of those. Every last one recruited up into a military school at the age of 6 and taught to be soldiers loyal only to my uncle. We need a hero, but it won’t be one of them. So, it will have to be me.

But it was one thing to decide all of that standing in front of my mirror and entirely something else to stand in the hall and wait for a chance to strike. Watch as he led my father’s kingdom further and further into ruin. Watch as he slaughtered those who might still be loyal to my father. I knew perfectly well that the only reason I was still alive was because he didn’t believe a girl-child would have what it took to stop him in any meaningful way. That, and I was his means of legitimizing his rule. See, he could say, see how I protect my niece? See how I keep her safe from those who killed her family? And then he never once says that he was the one.

So here I stand with a hand on his wine bottle and a packet of herbs up my sleeve. He has no heir save me. No true friends. And he has created an army that will serve loyally. Adding the poison to his drink, I smile. I will rebuild my father’s kingdom but then I’ll have to find something to do with my new army. A slow smile crosses my face. I’m sure I can find a use for them.


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