She left the seat empty on purpose as she drove into the desert. The lore was clear: an empty seat was an invitation. She meant it. The horizon seemed rippled and bend as she drove. How long did it take? How long until something heard the call, saw her invitation, and came to join her? She glanced into the rearview mirror, not really expecting to see anything but needing to look none the less. Then she heard the scratching. It raced along the outside of the car and seemed to scramble through the closed door. She could hear it rustling around, settling itself on the empty seat. With an expression of unholy glee, she drove back out of the desert.
With the car parked on the street and the keys dropped in her Ex’s mailbox for him to find, she strode off to catch the bus. Pausing for just a moment, to look back, she wished his new spirit houseguest the best of luck.


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