Stage Fright
Nervousness felt by a performer or speaker when appearing before an audience.

Stage Fright is standing up here looking out at all of you and thinking
Is it really better if they’re all in their underwear?
Standing here, trying to pour my heart and soul into a microphone
After having already poured it onto a piece of paper
Is it really possible to keep your heart in so many places?

Stage Fright
The Oxford English Dictionary states that Stage-Fright is, in fact, a hyphenated word first used in writing in the 1870s by Twain
Funny, since I’m fairly certain that Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer had no such thing

Stage Fright also answers to the name “performance anxiety”
But the only performance enhancing drug I know for this anxiety comes in a glass bottle and you must be at least this many years old to purchase
In all the emails, all the worthless spam telling me that they can increase my length,
why can’t there be one, just one, saying they can help me stand on a stage and look you all in the eye


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