Dealing in Books – Part 1

“Have you got the stuff?”
“That depends.”
You can never be too careful when you’re dealing out of your locker, especially not when there are snitches all over the place who would be more than glad to turn me over to the cops. The dark haired boy gave me a grin and then leaned in.
“All the world’s a stage.”
With a relieved sigh, I responded in kind.
“And all the men and women merely players. So, what’ll it be? I’ve got pretty much everything.”
He handed me his backpack and turned to block the view.
“I’m looking for one of the classics.” Again his voice went hushed. “Hobbit.”
I stuffed the old paperback into his bag and shoved it back into his arms.
“Good choice. You remember the deal?”
“I’ll get it there by Friday.”

Friday after school, I went to the mall with every other student in my class, just like every week. It was agonizingly painful, especially knowing that soon I’d be getting home to a new offering for my supply. I had to read through it before I made it available to others…and check it over for bugs. It wouldn’t be the first time someone had bugged something from my stash to try and catch us. Too bad me and my folks are smarter than them. Looking around, I knew I had to buy something before I left or it would look odd. Everyone else was lapping up the pointless sales and the never-ending rounds of cheap entertainment. Turning a corner to go into one of the shops to find a new sweater, I nearly stumbled over a pair of kids from school knocking boots right there on the floor. Not making a sound, I just crept back out and went somewhere else, hating that this was normal.


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