The First Date Begins

You know, there are days where I really feel like I don’t live up to the name Captain Courageous and today is one of those days. Standing in front of the door to Doctor Destruction’s secret base with a bouquet of flowers in my hand and one hand upraised to knock on the door. Before I could move, the door slid open and I found myself staring just over the head of a small robot.
“Master is expecting you.”
“Uh…oh. Good? Th-thank you?”
I’d never really gotten a good chance to look around the volcanic base. Usually, we were fighting. It felt odd being here without my shield, being guided by one of the robots that I was usually trying not to get killed by.
Then we turned a corner and my jaw dropped. There was an entire dining room and kitchen just…here. Doctor Destruction had his back to me as he hummed along to his music and puttered at the stove.
“You cook?”
The words were out of my mouth before I had thought the better of it and I felt the blush creeping out from under my mask. Luckily for me, Doctor Destruction had a wonderful sense of humor.
“Of course I do, silly. Do you think I can get delivery out here?”

Part 1: here


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