Boomerang Vs. The Robot

Marlee Walker held her toothbrush between her lips and glared at her reflection, trying to pull her curly black hair back into a loose ponytail. She had 10 minutes to finish getting ready, get downstairs and get to the bus stop. Assuming, of course, that her day didn’t get wildly disrupted like it usually did. There was a reason she was still working at the family business, after all. At least her folks understood when she had to suddenly vanish in the middle of the day.
That was when the sound of shattering glass echoed through the air. With an audible groan, she jammed her toothbrush into the cup on the counter and spat out of the mouthful of toothpaste. She could fix her hair while she flew.

“Boomerang!” The woman standing on top of the giant robot grinned broadly, throwing her arms wide. “What a pleasure.”
Marlee hovered in the air, a frown on her face behind her painted leather half-mask.
“Who are you and what are you doing?”
The strange woman fidgeted, adjusting the mask that covered her own face.
“That… isn’t important. I’m here to… defeat you!”
Marlee stretched idly, landing with barely a sound.
“Well, we’ll see about that.”

The robot lay in pieces, metal scattered all over the ground. Boomerang held this strange new villain against the wall of a nearby building.
“It’s over.”
The woman tried to look away.
“I…it’s… I still have one weapon left.”
She blurted the last bit, seeming to surprise even herself.
“Oh? And what’s that?”
Then the woman smiled nervously and leaned in to kiss Marlee gently on the lips. For a long moment, Marlee just stared at her.
“What is this really about?”
The woman pulled her mask off to reveal Marlee’s best friend, Emily, with a chagrined smile on her lips.
“I… couldn’t figure out another way to get your attention. You’re always running off and…”
Marlee could feel the blush coming to her cheeks.
“Em?” She looked around at the scene around them. “You did this so you could…?”
“Corner you long enough to ask you out on a date?”
Marlee pulled Emily in close and carefully floated back down to the ground.
“Friday night sound good? Just don’t bring the robot this time.”
“Only if I get to come with you if you have to run off to save the world.”


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