Demons and Witchcraft

“It must be some manner of witchcraft.”
The young knight frowned and removed his helm, taking a moment to set it on a stump. Then he gestured at the blue glow emanating from the apparent tear in the sky.
“Look at it. The flames are unnatural and give off no heat.”
The shepherd boy who had first reported the light nodded, but he had a slight frown on his face.
“But, Sir Morris, mightn’t it be the Fair Folk?”
Sir Morris chuckled.
“Nothing but superstition. No, this is the work of witches in league with the devil himself. Take word to your village priest and I will continue this investigation.”
The boy saluted, turned, and ran back to the village leaving Sir Morris alone before the blue glow and the tear in the sky. Slowly, the young knight approached it. He felt drawn to the rift, almost compelled to reach out and touch it.
“I refuse to fall for your wiles, demon. Tempt me not!”
He raised his hand and shook his fist dramatically at the rift. That was when the ground began to shake. Taking a step back, Sir Morris tried to maintain his balance. That was when the figure stepped out of the rift. They were tall and wearing an odd white suit armor that covered their entire body, with a black reflective visor pulled down over their face.
“Back, demon!” Yelled Sir Morris, taking a few more backpedaling steps.
Then the figure looked at him and raised some kind of box to point it at him. Sir Morris raised his shield to deflect the demon’s magical attack and was nearly blinded by a flash of light. Then the figure held one hand up to him before turning to pass back through the rift. A moment later, the glow faded and the portal closed.

“So, how did the first run go, Angela?”
The young chrononaut pulled her helmet off with a laugh.
“Good, I think. I took a picture of the man I saw and I have some readings of the atmospheric conditions. Hopefully, that should be enough to confirm time period.”
“Anything interesting happen?”
She grinned wickedly and tossed the camera to the technician.
“I’m pretty sure he called me a demon.”


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