The water was calm and still as the ship steamed through the night. One figure stood on the deck, leaning against the rails. He was watching the lights that flickered and played not in the sky, but under the waves. Most nights, he watched them, wondering. Tonight, tonight though, he was going to try something new. He took the sealed bottle out of his hand and dropped it off the back rail, watching it sink. After a minute or so, he couldn’t see it anymore and so he returned to watching the lights.

The next night, he went back to the rail and watched the lights. They were just reflections. That’s what the other men in the crew said. He wasn’t so sure. There had to be something more to this. That was when something thunked onto the deck near his foot with a little splash. The bottle. He picked it up and realized it was open and there was something new inside. The letter he’d written was gone, replaced with a picture drawn in ink of a woman. Well, her top half was a woman. The bottom half was tentacled, almost like an octopus. He laughed aloud and ran to grab his old polaroid to send her a picture of himself and the simple note. “Want to meet?”


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