Calloway – Part 1

    I was in the middle of yet another evening spent sitting on the front porch, staring out at the fireflies in the night and wondering where I’d gone wrong in my life when my phone beeped shrilly at me. 

    “Detective Calloway here.”

    The door opened behind me and I turned. My wife stood there, a slight frown of worry on her face.

    “We need you to come in. It’s…bad.”

    “I’ll be right there.”

    I hung up and slipped my phone back into my pocket.

    “Lils, I’ve got to go.”

    She stepped out into the night, bare feet barely making a sound on the wood of the porch.

    “I…Look, Jess-”

    “I was an ass, I know. I’m sorry. We can talk more when I get home.”

    I pulled her into a hug and she slipped her arms around my waist.

    “Promise me you’ll be alright.”

    That stopped me cold and I looked at her oddly.

    “What? Lily, I’m going to check out a crime scene. It’s not like I’m haring off to chase a killer by myself. And anyway, you know Mason’d kill me if I did something stupid.”

    She leaned against my chest and sighed.

    “I know that. But I just can’t shake this feeling like…”

    Reaching to tilt her chin up, I kissed her gently.

    “I’ll be home in a bit. Just as soon as we’ve processed the scene and I file my report. I’ll text you once I’m back at the station. How’s that sound?”

    She nodded slowly and stepped back.

    “I’ll wait up.”


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