Laughter coursed through oaken bowsbut Sarra walked alone

no lover had she to be with tonight

nor o’er leap smoldering coals
Hand in hand, lovers did leap

for bounty and younglings to come

but she was alone and strayed from the path

out to where legends do roam
She sat ‘neath a tree to ponder the time

when nearby snapped a twig

eyes that were the leaves of spring

pulled her deep into his soul
Full of mystery, cloaked in might

he stood casually, hand outstretched

with a slight smile, he spake thusly

“How wonderful ’tis to see you here on this Beltane night.”
“I know you not yet seems you know me.”

came her surprised reply

“Are you from near of have you traveled far,

to see me this Beltane night?”
“You know me more than you would know,

and I you in turn.

But for your second question,

these very woods are more home.”
It was in that instant that she did see

his skin held a shade of greenery

from atop his chestnut locks did sprout

antlers of which a stag would be proud
He smiled knowingly as she took in the sight

was he a demon, elemental or sprite?

perhaps one of those who ruled all out world

one of the gods of glade and dell
Shee took his hand, got to her feet

she knew him now for who he was

soon their lips did meet

passion leapt from god to woman
He held her tight against his chest

her arms looped round his waist

the scent of leaves, of forest of dew

covered Sarra in blankets of calm
Years passed by and Sarra sat 

‘fore the fire with a babe

to her she told the story of whence

and the day she’d met the girl’s da


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