The only thing they could hear were the crickets. It was dark and the air was starting to turn chill and the night was full of crickets chirping. Molly grabbed her twin by the arm and tugged him along.
“We can’t stop.”
“I know that.”
But his footsteps slowed as he tugged out of her grip. It wasn’t as though they knew where they were going, so why did pressing on matter so much? Barrett sighed and closed his eyes, listening. There weren’t any roads out this far. Only them and the crickets in the grass. Every so often, one of them heard a rustle and they prayed it wasn’t something larger, something dangerous. They should’ve been able to remember the way. It hadn’t been that long, after all. They’d just come this way with their father. And where was he? There should’ve been lights. Should’ve been tracks. Should’ve been something. They’d woken up alone in the grass with no sign of which way he’d gone. Barrett stopped completely and his hands went to fists at his sides.
“I don’t want to go home, Moll. They don’t want us there. You know it too, you’re just not admitting it.”
Molly stopped and turned to look at him, her jaw tight with stubbornness. Then she sighed and looked down.
“Have you got a better plan, Bar?”
He looked up towards the stars.
“We could…go somewhere else. Find our own way, you know?”
After a moment, he reached for Molly’s hand and she smiled.
“Think we can?”
“I know we can. Just gotta stick together.”
Looking around for a moment, they picked a direction and headed off together while the crickets chirped all around them.

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