Black Holes

    They always talk about what happens when the stars align, or when the planets align. What no one ever worries about is when the black holes align. When the sky is torn asunder and matter is drawn into that endless vacuum. It’s the most dangerous time, a time when space flight is unwise. Whole solar systems would vanish as they strayed into the path of those anomalies. And I stood on the bridge of my explorer class scout vessel, calculating the path to our survival. We had one shot, one looping trajectory around that inexorable line. Space is three-dimensions after all. Setting down the stylus, I turned to the helm.“5 second bursts on engines 4 and 7, followed by a 10 second burst on retros 6 and 8.”

We began to move forward, moving fast.

“Now the sling shot. 5 seconds on engine 3 and 4 and retros 6 and 8.”

We shifted directions nearly immediately but we could all still feel that pull.

“3 degree shift of retro burn, sustained.”

And then, we popped clear. We were free. We would live to report this horror