What do you do when the shadows are moving? When they surround you, closing in with red eyes that watch you with a flickering light like the fires from some long forgotten realm? Those were questions that Sandra had never had answers for. Her answers were usually more about hair and nails, clothes and boys. But now, she was glad she remembered what her Daddy had taught her as a child. Sure, those lessons had been for deer and duck, but she was pretty sure the same thing would work on the shadows stalking her. She leveled the Great Equalizer, a double-barreled shotgun a bit small for her adult body that still sported cat stickers to show a much younger Sandy where to put her hands. In that moment, it didn’t matter that she was alone or that her dress was torn and one heel broken from the run. She had her Daddy’s gun closet at her back and if the buckshot didn’t work, she had a bag of rock salt at her feet and several seasons of her favorite demon-hunting dramas to tell her it would send her unwanted house guests back to whatever nether realm they had had the misfortune to crawl out of. She locked eyes with the nearest shadow creature and grinned wickedly.
“Hasta la vista, baby.”
She pulled the trigger, keeping the stock braced against her hip. Sandra let out a whoop of joy as the thing vanished. One down, several dozens to go. At least they were backing off a little now. That would give her time to reload.