In the Beginning…

The attack was over in seconds, leaving nothing but desolation in its wake. There wasn’t even the crying or screaming, just the sound of broken concrete settling and the silent thrum of their craft hovering in the skies. The attack had been simultaneous around the entire world. Even beyond the cities, out into the countryside and the farthest, hidden villages. Now only two remained. Two humans: one male and one female.
“Keep them in stasis until we complete terraforming procedures and then begin the experiment again.”


The terraforming drones had arrived on Kepler-438b long before humans first set foot on its rocky surface. The pictures transmitted back baffled and amazed, but it was, they decided, like the face on Mars: merely a matter of shadow and wishful thinking. There was no way there were towers reaching to the sky and spiraling edifices of stone carved and shaped by hands and minds that were, like theirs, capable of dreaming. Not on Kepler-438b. It was a trick of the light and nothing more.

That was what they said until the first colonists disembarked from the landing craft. The yawning bay doors opened in the back and the first landing team found themselves staring up at an immense wall bestrewn with an ivy-like crawler vine that wound around columns in made its way in through perfectly round windows. Standing sentinel beside the great archway in its center were two statues, crumbling depictions of something the screamed louder than words “We were here!”

The colonists searched and searched, but there were no signs of the builders, of any creatures native to this place. There were only the plants. Then one day, a child stood by one of the carved walls. The others had long since stopped looking for answers in the pictures, long since ignored the mystery implied in stone, and focused on their survival. But when they saw what he saw, they stopped. He held his small hand up, fingers splayed, and smiled. There on the wall, lined up with his own hand, was a palm and five splayed fingers. A hand reaching out through the ages, the very same as their own.

Cosmic End

Far-flung in space and time
holding on to nothing
holding back everyone
we know nothing of what we do
and yet…

Flashes of light bursting in colors
explosions of nothing
watching the gates against the darkness
refusing to accept…

alone but surrounded
enemies on all fronts
yet all’s quiet on every front
only when they come will we know
but they are not…

spinning whirling never stopping
alone and hopeless
surrounded and helpless
the cosmic war shall never end

Cosmic War

darting here, darting there
flying through the starry void
weapons cocked, ready to fire
upon our enemies

we’ve never seen them
but we know
we must kill them all
friends or foes

they come to us with arms out wide
to embrace their possible new allies
but we fire into the crowd
with our lasers, mow them down

they sent messages we couldn’t read
and greeted us with only friendship
but no more is there an alien race
for we have decimated them, one and all

they were different
and different is bad
so none are left by our hands
and again we float alone in space

Cosmic Trip

Spinning whirling never stopping
Cosmic trip without end
Light years gone, light years ahead
Hold on tight, it’s the ride of life

Floating in an endless void
Surrounded by all things
Never alone, always alone
Fighting for your own little piece

Waving to our neighbors
In outer space
They never call, they never write
They never turn off their lights

No longer alone in our cosmic void
They finally answer our plea
With anything but what we sought
That attack is imminent

Fighting wars with those we thought
Would bring a greater peace
The galaxy is ablaze
With misunderstanding

Spinning whirling never stopping
The galaxy is now devoid
Light years gone, light years ahead
The cosmic trip has reached its end